How to (easily) transform an old sheet into children's games?

Here are 7 ideas for children's games to make in an old sheet, simple and easily achievable ideas. To your scissors!

A tepee

A great classic of children's games, the tepee is this little nomadic house which can be deployed everywhere, in a bedroom, a courtyard, a garden and which allows the child to isolate himself by inventing a world of his own. To do this, you must assemble and firmly tie 6 bamboo (or fir) sticks approximately 1m80 high with a rope 30 cm from one end. Spread the sticks to give them a hexagonal shape. The base can be reinforced by placing 50 cm sticks and tying them to the vertical sections. Do the same at the top with a 30 cm stick where the entrance will be. All you have to do is spread the sheet around, taking care to raise the sheet at the entrance.

A bed canopy

Variation on the tipi, the canopy allows an easier hanging of the sheet than the tipi always using 7 wooden sticks. The structure is made with two V-shaped segments one meter apart, under which a horizontal stick is attached to keep them together. Two poles on the ground unite the segments and reinforce the structure.

A tent in the living room

Simpler than a teepee, all you need is a sheet, a long string and clothespins to be able to hang the sheet on some furniture in your living room thanks to the stretched rope, using the clothes pegs. You will then only have to place cushions, a duvet, a few pillows and comforters inside to make a cozy nest. The perfect spot for a sleepover with friends!

A Cape

Cut out a one meter by one meter square that you will tie around his neck. For a more sophisticated version, you can glue a Velcro strip at each top end to better secure the cape and round the bottom edges so that the cape floats better.

A personalized comforter

Do like Les Toiles Blanches, recycle your old sheets into comforters! No need to imagine a complicated volume, just a small cushion in the shape of a moon or a heart that you will fill with wadding. If you know how to embroider, why not imagine embroidering your child's initials or first name, it will make him a simple, cozy and personalized bed comforter!

A hammock under the dining table

By firmly tying the sheet on the table, the sheet is deployed under the table in the form of a hammock so that the child can slip into it.

A movie screen

If you are lucky enough to have an overhead projector, a sheet stretched in the garden between two trees at nightfall will provide your children with unforgettable memories. A good old Disney, some popcorn and off you go for a cinema session under the stars!

To conclude, please don't throw away your old sheets, they can be recycled, you will surely find someone to give them to who will know how to do something with them...

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