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5 tips for washing your sheets naturally (and many other things)

When everything is going well, we spend about 8 hours a day sleeping, or a third of an entire day snugly wrapped in our sheets. Sheets that collect an assortment of skin, bodily fluids, dust, dust mites and pet hair if you have them. To properly wash our sheets, there is an arsenal of natural products. Without going back to the wash house, here are some useful tips, very easy to implement and which will save you money! Pre-wash stains Black soap is perfect for pre-treating stains. It is liquid, embeds itself well in the fibers and has no equal for gently removing all kinds of stains. To do this, you must moisten the stained areas well, pour a dose...

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How are our rag dolls made?

Bertille is more than a durable doll, she is a decorative object, even a collector's item, because she is made in an artisanal way in old textiles with clothes, also sewn in sheets, tablecloths, old linen handkerchiefs. She has a collection of clothes and accessories that allow her to change her wardrobe regularly. It is thus a very beautiful craft object to place in the house.

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What is the symbolic value of the blanket?

  The blanket is not an object like any other. It is the most important object for your child from 3 months to 3 years old. Close-up on the symbolic functions of the blanket and how it helps children build themselves over the years. The blanket helps the child to do without his mother When the child is born, he imagines he and his mother are one. At around 8 months, the child realizes that he and his mother are two different people. To endure this separation anxiety, the child invests very strong feelings in an object that allows him to do without his mother. We speak of a transitional object because the blanket helps him to make the transition...

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