What are the most effective natural methods for cleaning old linen sheets?


Antique linen sheets are sturdy enough to have stood the test of time, but sometimes come down to us stained or yellowed. Here are the most effective natural methods to bring these sleeping treasures back to life.

Clean antique linens with everyday products

Several food ingredients make it possible to clean old linen sheets very effectively. The first is Marseille soap which detaches, but which also has whitening properties. Generously dry the fibers of the sheet with Marseille soap then expose it to the sun. Leave the soap on for a day and rinse thoroughly before washing your sheet in the machine or by hand. The juice of a lemon, sometimes with a little baking soda for tough stains, removes stains. Leave the mixture in the sun to speed up the process and then wash. Finally, the raw milk applied to the traces of folds makes it possible to clean old stains. Apply the marks generously and leave the laundry in the sun for a few hours before washing it in the machine. The vinegar in rinsing water helps evacuate the last stains and revives the whiteness of linen sheets.

Clean old linen with household products

Two products are essential to have at home when you want to clean old laundry (and clean pretty much everything anyway). The baking soda first, which removes stains. Make a paste with a little water to apply it to the sheet and let the fibers soak up well. Then rub then rinse and wash. Even more active, the soda crystals to be mixed in boiling water. Let the sheet soak for several hours before rubbing the stains and washing it at 60 ° in the machine. Do not hesitate to test these tips successively, to extend the exposure or soaking times, these ingredients are natural and not harmful to the sheets. And you, what are your tips for cleaning old laundry?








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