What is the symbolic value of the blanket?


The blanket is not an object like any other. It is the most important object for your child from 3 months to 3 years old. Close-up on the symbolic functions of the blanket and how it helps children build themselves over the years.

The blanket helps the child to do without his mother

When the child is born, he imagines he and his mother are one. At around 8 months, the child realizes that he and his mother are two different people. To endure this separation anxiety, the child invests very strong feelings in an object that allows him to do without his mother. We speak of a transitional object because the blanket helps him to make the transition between a known and soft world, his mother his smell, his clothes, his bed and the unknown.


The blanket helps the child to build himself

By embodying security and symbolizing his attachment to you, your child's blanket becomes essential. It reassures him, calms him, helps him fall asleep and dry his tears ... The blanket thus plays a leading role in his psychic construction. Thanks to his blanket, your child becomes an individual, a little man who builds himself with his joys and sorrows because he manages to overcome them. Know that this first great victory will then help him to face the trials that will mark his life ... So many reasons to comfort your child with a blanket. And you, what was your blanket ?!


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